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Submission Guidelines

Please follow a few simple guidelines to make this site a better place:

  • Quality Content: Is your story relevant to the site?
  • Link Directly to the Source: Save people time by linking directly to the original news story.
  • Search First: Avoid duplicate submissions by searching to make sure someone else has not submitted the story already.
  • Be Descriptive: You are the story editor, so explain what it is and why it is cool.

Easy submission of new links

You can easily submit stories to Onlines Bookmarking Zone. Just bookmark the link below in your favorite browser. After that, submit a story by clicking the bookmarklet in your browser.

  • Internet Explorer: Rightclick the link below, choose "Add to favorites."
  • Firefox: Drag the link below to your Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Opera: Rightclick the link below, and choose "Bookmark Link"

The Bookmarklet: Onlines Bookmarking Zone